Surgery Testimonials

Before I turned 12, I hit puberty, as I was developing, so were my breasts and they weren’t symmetrical… So I got teased. I felt different. I felt no one knew what I was going through

Ana, Breast Deformity Patient

My experience was great from the begining until now that I am a couple of days post op. I arrived at Dr. Polo’s with a bit of a trauma because I had a bad experience with my last breast reduction…..When I came out….It was great…. Dr. Polo is the ‘boob fairy’!

Crystal, Breast Reduction Patient

Hello, my name is Rosa. I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Polo. My nose was wide and crooked. I am very happy, the recovery was fast. I only missed 5 days of work and had no pain. Thank you very much Dr. Polo.

Rosa, Rhinoplasty Patient

This experience has honestly changed my life. This was my second breast reduction, my first one did not end up with the results I wanted. I am a runner, I like to do long-distance running. And I wasn’t able to run based on the fact that I had to wear these extensive bras– more like girdles to run.

Gabrielle Strauss, Breast Reduction

“The procedure that Dr Polo did for me was a Neck Lift. I feel very relaxed and as I look at myself in the mirror, I am very happy with my results. I got the procedure done yesterday and today they removed the bandages and I saw myself and I feel like a new person! I like Dr Polo first and foremost because he is an excellent doctor. He’s very knowledgeable about his job and he is always concerned about this patients and how we are feeling. I’m blessed to have had him work on me. I found Dr Polo online and did research in regards to other patient’s reviews. I also saw other doctor and decided to go with him. He has always been honest and thorough with the information that he provided. My results have far exceeded my expectations and my husband is very happy with the results as well. I would highly recommend Dr Polo and would like all future patients to know that’s he is very down to earth doctor and that he takes care of his patients. Don’t think twice about selecting him for your next procedure. I want to repeat; if you want to do this with Dr Polo, don’t doubt it! He’s the best! I also want to share that he worked on a 67 year old woman and in reality the more I look at myself in the mirror, the more that I’m surprised in regards to my results”.

Gladys, Neck Lift Patient

October 14, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

I was referred to Dr. Max Polo by my ob-gyn. I could not have imagined ten years ago that I would one day have a breast augmentation procedure. However, after giving birth to and breast feeding two children, I had to face up to the fact that I was not happy with my appearance and no natural remedy could address my problem. It seemed silly to remain dissatisfied instead of exploring plastic surgery.

When I first visited Dr. Polo’s office I was apprehensive because I thought plastic surgery could easily result in a fake, overlarge look and I knew exactly what I wanted. I was also a little scared about the procedure as I had never undergone surgery. Dr. Polo laid all my fears and concerns to rest. More importantly, he made me feel so comfortable and at ease. He listened to all of my questions patiently and never made me feel like he was in a hurry. He listened openly to my ideas about what I wanted and worked with me to make sure that I would be happy with the results. Above all he was professional, honest and open. If I was unsure before visiting his office, after I met him and his staff I was 100% convinced that he was the right doctor for me.

Before, during, and after the surgery, Dr. Polo and all of his staff were warm, attentive, and considerate. I actually felt like I was being pampered the whole time. As for the results, I could not have been happier. I got exactly what I asked for and more. My breasts look and feel totally natural and the whole experience only made me wish I had done it sooner! I am very grateful and highly recommend Dr. Polo without any reservation.


I was referred to several Plastic Surgeons by my own Dr. George Tershakovec, (Oncologist), because I needed implants that were 20+ years old removed/exchanged. In addition to the doctors on his list, I added a couple of others that had been referred by close friends. After exhausting visits, I came to the last on my list, Dr. Polo. I guess that there was a higher power saving the best for last because from the moment that I walked in to the office, the Customer Service was so genuine that it made it feel “homey”.

Going through any kind of surgery, elective or otherwise, can be very stressful to say the least, but when there is a team of professionals that can take the patient and make her feel as if she’s the “only” patient they have and that they will do all they can to make those fears less real, makes all the difference in the world.

That first visit waiting to see Dr. Polo, he was running late because he was finishing up with a surgery procedure. While I waited, Sharon came in several times to apologize for the delay. (This was nice because while at some of the other doctor visits I waited long periods of time to be seen and no one checked in on me.) When he finally came in, I could tell he was tired but he was so patient and calm; he smiled and apologized and again focused on me as if I was the only patient that day! I thought wow, after the day he’s had, what a nice gesture, what a nice person. This is the place.

After I made my decisions to go through with my procedure, I ran in to some “road-blocks” getting the insurance to pre-approve procedures but once again, his staff, mainly Tere, was right there battling it through for me and all with patience and kindness.

Finally, “D” day arrived. As one could expect, I was a bit anxious, but it all pretty much dissipated when we got there early that morning and the huge personality of Nurse Daphne took over. While things were happening around me and other wonderful people, that unfortunately I don’t remember their names, I just felt very calm and ready for what was to come. Last thing I remember is Mr. Anesthesia (can’t remember the Doctor’s name) trying to put the IV in and saying a quick prayer, then lights out!

I woke up alert! Smiling faces and almost no pain! Yaaayy! This I was not expecting. Although I knew that the effects of the anesthesia would last, I still expected to feel more pressure and/or nausea. Nope, nada. Thank God! Once I was home, we got a personal call from Dr. Polo himself checking up on my status; now how often does that happen? We were very thankful to him for taking the time to do that.

Well, I kept waiting for the BIG pain… bruises, etc, guess what? Other than those drainage tubes, I was very, very comfortable. Once they were removed 5 days later, I was another woman!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my breast surgery and I feel and look great. I have no doubt today that I choose the right surgeon for my procedure.

I wish Dr. Polo and his great professional staff much success in all their future endeavors. May he continue to bring to others the comfort and peace he brought to me.

Norma Lombana

Dr. Max Polo

I would like to thank you for all your help during this process of getting better after breast cancer. I was lucky to have you as my doctor, having the opportunity to be treated by a staff that cares, listens, takes the time to inform the patient, follow up and show a true concern for their patients and gives them support and hope. To know that you are surrounded by very capable, professional and caring people makes you feel that everything is going to be ok. This was very important for me because it took away a lot of worries and gave me some peace of mind.

The job you did with my breast reconstruction is excellent, they look great!

So I’ll always be very grateful to you for being so nice, sensible and doing such an outstanding job!

Thanks very Much!
Patricia Ibarra

My journey with Dr. Polo and his wonderful staff began back in September, of 2021. After having had a radical mastectomy in December, of 2018 with reconstructive surgery, I decided seven years after, I wanted to have implants. Dr. Polo came highly recommended by several of the women whom I had met through the years. First impressions, as they say are usually lasting impressions. That’s how I feel about Dr. Polo and his staff. My surgery, my recovery, and after care were wonderful but it’s the care and attention given to me after almost three years of being a patient of his that has truly set them aside from all others. I ended up having to go to the hospital (twice) within the last year and I am still amazed of the care, concern and kindness given to me. Getting a wonderful result because you have a good surgeon is fine, but getting a wonderful result and knowing that the doctor and staff truly care for you and your well being, that’s a whole different story. I have over the years been blessed with wonderful doctors and this time is no exception. I want to from the bottom of my heart thank Dr. Polo and the girls for being so caring and professional.

Maggie Amoedo

Max Polo operated on my face in 2021 and I would never go to anyone else ever. Everything about his office/treatment/surgery/staff and result were superior. He also was my sister’s surgeon and she is equally happy. We love Max.

Gayle DeJulio

I am a registered nurse at S. Miami Hospital. For years I have been using Botox. I have not used Juvederm or Restylane for the last 3 years related to fear of pain!! Dr. Polo administered a “Block” and it was so easy! My fear is gone and I am so happy with the results. I have never experienced a Plastic Surgeon spend so much time making me comfortable and making sure the product was administered correctly . In the past, I was left with lumps and bumps. Dr. Polo’s results are beautiful, I feel as if I had a “Liquid Face lift!”

On top of a perfectionist surgeon his staff is phenomenal. I felt safe!!

Thanks again!!!!
Margo Archer

I have been a patient of Dr.Max Polo for the past five years and my experience has been fantastic.Dr Polo has performed a few plastic surgeries-I am not a spring chicken-and the results are excellent.He performs the best liposuction and breast surgery and the outcome is a natural, even look.He has the most attentive and professional staff that always are helpful.I am sure that when the moment comes I will be back to keep myself with a fresher appearance because I know that Dr Polo will never do too much nor too little which in plastic surgery is a very important fact.I highly recommend Dr Polo he is excellent in his field.

Daisy Lopez-Chehab

Hace aproximadamente cinco anos que soy paciente del Dr. Max Polo.Me he sometido a varias cirugias esteticas de lipoescultura y reduccion de senos ademas de botox y Restylane,el resultado ha sido excelente.Luzco natural pues el Dr Polo siempre ha considerado mi edad-digamos que ya no soy una nina-y sabe que es lo mas indicado para mi.Las personas que atienden en la oficina son super agradables y a la vez muy profesionales.Estoy muy satisfecha con mi apariencia y estoy segura que cuando sea necesario volvere a llamar a Polo Plastic Surgery.

Daisy Lopez- Chehab

I’m a 65 year old woman. Just two weeks ago I had a facelift performed by Dr. M. Polo.
Today I went to my final follow up visit . I “put on my best colors” for the Dr. to see the marvels he had done to this old lady. He is a master in his skill. The scars are barely visible – they are so well concealed! The healing has been fast and absolutely pain free. Barely any swelling and very few bruises.The care by Dr.Polo and his staff has been outstanding. My husband and I, as well as the rest of our family are thrilled with my results. My daughter has decided to have Dr. Polo do her upper and lower lids in the next few months. I feel very lucky to have had this procedure done by him. My choice couldn’t have been better. I highly recommend Dr. Polo for any plastic surgery need.

A very happy and satisfied patient,
Teresa Artecona

Doctor Max Polo:

I wish to thank you by this new stage in my life. I can enjoy physical activity with total freedom and comfort, I have regained confidence in myself after your breast reconstruction surgery.

Doctor Max Polo quiero darle las gracias por esta nueva etapa en mi vida. Nuevamente puedo disfrutar de la actividad física con total libertad y comodidad, habiendo recuperado la confianza en mi misma después de su cirugía de reconstrucción de seno.


As has undoubtedly happened to countless others, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was devastated. I was a widow and there was no man in my life close enough for me to discuss this with.

I was ineffably fortunate that Dr. Charles Kalstone recommended Dr. Max Polo for my breast reconstruction and that Dr. Polo agreed to take me as a patient. From my first visit, Dr. Polo put me at ease, discussing all options available. When I was having the mastectomy of my left breast, Dr. Polo was present from the beginning, working in concert with surgeon Dr. Gladys Giron.  He also kept in touch with my son, who had flown in from a military assignment to be with me.

Dr Polo and his amazing nurses made increasing the size of the temporary implant painless. His later permanent implant in my left breast and uplift of my right breast went so smoothly and gave me back my confidence as a woman. I have since met a wonderful widower who had recently lost his wife to breast cancer. We have now become a couple.

The formidable skill and compassion of Dr Polo and his staff helped me come through swimmingly what could have been a terrible experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Renate Ryan

Dear Dr. Polo,
I can’t thank you enough for your support and work with me iun the most difficult time of my life. Thanks to you I have returned to be myself again. I still remember the first visit to your office. I was so scared, and now we are in the middle of my journey and I am very happy that you are the most important part of it.
God bless you and your family.
With Love,

To Dr. Polo and staff and Daffany,
Thank you so very much for your professionalism, your expertise and your clear concern. I am so pleased.

Dear Dr. Polo,
All of my life I have loved being feminine and all that goes along with that. For a time, breast cancer turned my world upside down and I felt anything but beautiful. But God began to redefine my image and you, my friend, gave me my first glimpse and hope that all would be well (in fact, better than before)! I was amazed when I saw what you could do. How grateful I am to have the best of the best for my Doctor. I am so in awe of your expertise and so thankful for your care. D and I had so much fun at our office visits. D misses you already. There is no gift big enough to properly show my appreciation for giving back my life. It’s been a long journey and you’ve been so amazing. D and I have a small thank you coming in the mail to you. D really wanted to take you shopping at the bass but I was afraid you wouldn’t come out the same after trip with D so we went with  my idea.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We love you!

Dear Dr. Polo and Staff,
It’s time to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to thank you for walking this journey with me. Next week Dr. Polo will create his wonderful artistry and I will be better than ever! No more ugly bras – Yeah! No more breast cancer – Halleluljah! My life has been so much richer because of your compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit. You’ve cheered my progress, wiped my tears and most importantly noticed my cute shoes. I’ve always felt that you were there for me to encourage and support. Thank you. Can I come back and visit?!?
Love you all, J.

For Dr. Polo and Staff,
Thanks for taking such great care of my son G. Your kindness and consideration are much appreciated. May God bless you and your families,

Dr. Polo,
I just want to tell you how wonderful it was of you to do my surgery! You did a great job, and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to lift my self esteem and spirits. THANK YOU SOOOO VEY MUCH!

Dear Dr. Polo and staff,
Please know how very much I appreciate your superior care and concern during all my office visits and procedures. You have all helped in the healing process. Dr. Polo, your skills are top of the line. The manner that you exercise them is compassionate and professional. I thank you for your time, attention and kindness.

Dear Dr. Polo,
Thank you for the wonderful medical care you have given me. It has been a difficult year fighting breast cancer but you and your fantastic staff have helped make my journey easier. I hope you feel as good about how you help reconstruct the bodies and lives of women with breast cancer as we do about ourselves.
Keep rockin’ in the O.R.
Warm regards,